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IVDR knowledge at your fingertips no matter your time zone

ARC offers a comprehensive range of IVDR specific online training modules to support you. These can be customised to your needs as every learner journey is different. Invest in your talent today.

Online Training: Features & Benefits

Fitting in with your lifestyle Our online courses are convenient and flexible to work when you want to work.
Experts at your side Learners benefit from high quality interactions thanks to our learning management interface.
Consistent learning across the enterprise Whatever the size of your team, each person gets access to the same content, providing an inclusive approach to learning.
It's today's norm Online learning has grown in popularity in recent times and our learning management system has been tried and tested to meet today's learning styles.
Effective resource management Online learning has made enterprise level training much more affordable. Everyone is a winner.
Investment in people Statistics tell us that investing in your team generally leads to higher retention rates. Regular, online learning keeps employees motivated and relevant.

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ARC360® Online Training

Bespoke IVD/CDx training for your organisation

ARC360® is designed to empower professionals in the healthcare and life sciences industries by delivering specialised, self paced training modules that cover a wide range of topics focused on the current IVD landscape.

Topics include: (INSERT ACCORDION)

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Customer Story

“At GenDx, we really appreciated the support and guidance provided by the ARC Regulatory team for our projects. Our overall experience has been very positive and the ARC team has shown to be very knowledgeable, responsive and collaborative. A great team to work with.”

Erica Kremer, Director Compliance at GenDx

More Digital Solutions

ARC Regulatory ARC360 Laboratory Toolkit example

Regulatory Navigator

The ARC360® Regulatory navigator enables an immediate understanding of the regulatory requirements for unapproved in vitro diagnostic tests used for patient selection/stratification, dose adjustments and other patient sample testing in pharma and biopharma trials around the globe.

ARC Regulatory ARC360 Regulatory navigator

Laboratory Toolkit

ARC360® Laboratory Toolkit covers numerous topics related to IVDR and provides industry specific templates to ensure that you have the correct resources to meet your study requirements.

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